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Last snow this year for puppies?

They hope not.

Lucas with his girlfriend Savannah in Central Park this morning

Lucas with his girlfriend Savannah in Central Park this morning

Karlinsky LLC’s New York Office Has Relocated

Please be advised that as of March 2, 2015, Karlinsky LLC has moved to the new address below:

1500 Broadway, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10036

646 437-1430 – Main

646 437-1433 – FAX

646 437-1431 – Martin E. Karlinsky Direct Dial

646 437-1432 – Amy A. Lehman Direct Dial

We look forward to continuing business together and we hope you will take the opportunity to visit us at our new address.

Thank you.



You haven’t heard from us in a while because we’ve been hunkering down/.

Karlinsky LLC Brings on Amy Lehman.

Amy Lehman joined us on February 3, 2014 as an associate and our fourth lawyer. Amy’s accession continues to deepen our expertise and our bench in litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution. Amy’s legal knowledge and skills are complemented by her dedication to the arts and to the field of entertainment (she spent fifteen years as a professional ballet dancer and later served as principal assistant to a leading theater producer and to the head of the theatrical/literary department of a major talent agency). Her diverse talents complement our vision for the future and our community involvement.

Amy will practice in civil and commercial litigation and dispute resolution. She also has experience with art theft and domain name infringement cases and other media-related matters, and in negotiating licenses and contracts for playwrights and choreographers. Coming to Karlinsky LLC from Thompson & Knight LLP, Amy graduated from the University of Michigan Law School 2006, and from New York University, magna cum laude, in 2000.

Read more about Amy Lehman here.

Alexis L. Cirel brings on Cade Cirel Aballi.

Alexis Cirel has been on modified duty since November 23, 2013, the day that Cade Cirel Aballi first “saw the day” (in Pittsburgh, of all places). Cade reported in as a very healthy and very large 9+ pounder, and the last we heard he was planning on attending Harvard Law School next year.

Karlinsky LLC Expands with Murray D. Schwartz

New York, NY, January 5, 2014 –

Karlinsky LLC has tapped Murray D. Schwartz as Corporate Counsel, further strengthening the Firm’s business operations and initiatives and enlarging its practice to encompass corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. While the New York City-based firm continues to focus on civil and business litigation, this acquisition will enable a broader range of service offerings and a deeper level of client support in both litigation and corporate practice.

Mr. Schwartz will advise Karlinsky LLC on governance and management, strategic planning and growth, and marketing and public relations. He will likewise continue an almost 40-year practice in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, principally to mid-market entities. His combined business and legal experience derive from his serving at counsel and partner level for leading law firms, including Herrick Feinstein LLP; Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP; and Pryor Cashman LLP as well as senior executive for publishing concerns. Mr. Schwartz’s input on the Firm’s structure and development and policy implementation will deepen its leadership role in dispute resolution.

Said Martin E. Karlinsky, the firm’s managing member, “Mr. Schwartz and I practiced law together as partners during 2006/7, and found that we were a good fit. His substantive expertise as a lawyer expands our ability to offer additional services to existing litigation clients, and our existing platform and client base offer him new clients that can use his expertise.”

A member of the New York State Bar Association, Mr. Schwartz is a 1974 graduate of New York University School of Law where he was an editor of the NYU Law Review. He is active with the Advisory Board of the New York University Medical School Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain.

Karlinsky LLC in the Media

From the New York Law Journal, October 1, 2013

Background from KLLC:

Martin Karlinsky’s career-long leadership in pro bono legal representation qualifies him as an insightful commentator on New York State’s April 2013 ruling that requires attorneys to report their hours committed to pro bono causes and recommends an increase of pro bono hours to 50 from 20 annually.

Martin reflects in an October 1, 2013, New York Law Journal article that among the challenges for small law firms posed by these requirements is the absence of legal services groups dedicated to screening and coordinating pro bono work for them. Large firms may have full-time counsel to supervise their pro bono program.

The article highlights the burden that the increased pro bono hours place on small, boutique, and single-lawyer practices. Many attorneys and law firms are already contributing to their communities through pro bono commitments. They state that the definition of pro bono work is unclear and that free consultations and services and reduced-rate billing for low-income clients should count toward meeting the new recommendation. Handling a full litigation case is not realistic with their limited resources.

Karlinsky LLC’s legal and professional staff provides pro bono expertise to varied organizations, including the American Friends of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, RESOLVE, and the Wolf Conservation Center of South Salem, NY.


Christine Ruppert in Crain/s New York Business

Crain/s New York Business spotlighted Christine Ruppert, CFO of Karlinsky LLC, in its September 23, 2013, print and online issues. Their Corporate Ladder column cited how the depth of her expertise in financial management and strategic planning will contribute significantly to the cost analyses and growth initiatives of Karlinsky LLC.


Karlinsky LLC Taps Christine Ruppert As CFO

Karlinsky LLC has hired Christine Ruppert as Chief Financial Officer, expanding the Firm/s operational base. Ms. Ruppert will assume financial management of the New York City-based litigation firm that supports a diverse clientele with specialties in business, organizational, and personal litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

Ms. Ruppert will draw on her expertise in business oversight and strategic planning to oversee budget development and controls and financial analysis and reporting as well as evaluate and advise on growth opportunities. /Among other things, Ms. Ruppert will assess the Firm/s actual cost for work so that we continue to be efficient and economical for our clients. Her assistance in cost projection will enable us to negotiate realistic alternatives for litigation fee arrangements,/ states Martin Karlinsky, Firm founder.

Ms. Ruppert has served as senior credit analyst in public infrastructure projects for utilities, higher education facilities, and airports for Financial Security Assurance Inc., Ambac Assurance Corporation and Standard & Poors Corporation. She led teams in financing large-scale water and sewer projects for New York City/s Department of Environmental Protection. Ms. Ruppert participates in the educational projects of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York and in its Federal Species Survival Programs to breed and reintroduce this endangered species to wild habitats. She holds a B.S. in Accounting from the State University of New York at Albany.

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Karlinsky LLC Leads In Cybersecurity Protection

“Cybersecurity: Being Safe in a Digital World” will be the main topic at a conference at Karlinsky LLC on July 24. Richard Frisch, Chief Technology Officer for the New York City-based law firm, will chair the discussion on striving for digital security and safeguarding both client and corporate information.

Defending against cyber intrusions and the resultant loss of privacy, data, and money are a major and growing concern. Malware, such as viruses, rootkits, or keyloggers, is unremittingly trying to install themselves on our devices, compromising and threatening our security. Frisch will address the risks of cyber vulnerabilities and provide strategies to protect individuals and businesses.

Richard Frisch, CTO of Karlinsky LLC, is also principal of RHFtech, providing technology innovation and support for small businesses and municipalities. Frisch’s expertise is based on more than 40 years of developing and deploying technology. He has a BS from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard University.

For further information contact Richard Frisch at or 203-221-7883.