Professional Judgment

The exercise of the highest professional judgment for our clients is both our principal core value and the core of our practice. Professional judgment cannot be bought; it does not come between the covers of books, and it is difficult even to teach. It is earned through long and hard work, and we bring the fruits of that work to all of our engagements, for all of our clients.


We pride ourselves on teamwork as a core value. Most of the firm’s staff has worked together for decades; we have clearly defined roles, and each of us takes great pride in being an integral part of a team whose central objective is the creation of the highest quality work product and the speedy, economical, and skilled achievement of our clients’ goals. Our clients, of course, are the reason we exist, and we make them the centers of our teams; we pride ourselves on our access, our responsiveness, and our nimbleness in responding to their needs. Teamwork, both within the Firm and with our clients as essential members, helps us keep our costs down, promotes the seamless delivery of services, and leads to the best results.


A third core value of the Firm is that we conceive of ourselves first and foremost as problem-solvers. Litigation, at bottom, is a failure to resolve a problem without the intervention of lawyers, courts, and other specialized professionals and forums. That we regard our key goal as the solving of problems for our clients is a major part of why we are successful where others are not.

Established Expert Relationships

Finally, our years of high-level experience have led to the development of close and productive outside relationships with the experts we rely on to bring to our matters special expertise as economists, financial experts, jury and trial consultants, and graphics and information specialists. Stated simply, we are not just lawyers, but use those relationships to bring a higher level of service to our clients. It is a rare case in which our reliance on these specialists does not add substantially to our representation of our clients.