“Cybersecurity: Being Safe in a Digital World” will be the main topic at a conference at Karlinsky LLC on July 24. Richard Frisch, Chief Technology Officer for the New York City-based law firm, will chair the discussion on striving for digital security and safeguarding both client and corporate information.

Defending against cyber intrusions and the resultant loss of privacy, data, and money are a major and growing concern. Malware, such as viruses, rootkits, or keyloggers, is unremittingly trying to install themselves on our devices, compromising and threatening our security. Frisch will address the risks of cyber vulnerabilities and provide strategies to protect individuals and businesses.

Richard Frisch, CTO of Karlinsky LLC, is also principal of RHFtech, providing technology innovation and support for small businesses and municipalities. Frisch’s expertise is based on more than 40 years of developing and deploying technology. He has a BS from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard University.

For further information contact Richard Frisch at richard@karlinskyllc.com or 203-221-7883.